Your Best Option for Manufacturing in Mexico with Javid LLC/Javid de México. Life made Simple under our Sonora, Mexico Shelter Program.


Javid is a privately held company co-owned by Roberto (Bob) Klosek, President / Founder and Richard Rubin, CEO.

We have over 3,000 Employees with over 27 Customers, in 10 different industrial parks located throughout the city of Nogales, Sonora, and Benjamín Hill, Sonora. Javid has been manufacturing in Mexico and helping others manufacture in Mexico since 1983 and has worked with over 70 Different Companies as a Shelter Service.

Javid LLC and Javid de México has always been and continues to be a proud member of the INDEX Nogales/ the AMS (Association of Maquiladoras in Sonora) with Richard Rubin and Wendee Molina on the Board of Directors.

We pride ourselves with our reputation and our people. We live by “Javid Rules to Succeed by” which has made us successful. The owners and staff firmly believe in continuous improvement, always looking for the best and most efficient way of doing business.

Since 1983, Javid has built an excellent reputation as one of the leading providers of Mexican Shelters Services and solutions to manufacture in Mexico. We accomplished this by pure, hard work and by giving superior service with never ending attention to our Customers.

Javid as a Shelter

What is a Shelter Program?

A Shelter Program allows you to fully control your own production and quality, while benefiting from the experienced team of Javid that knows the local market, and eliminates the need to make sizeable investments in physical and human assets.

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